Privacy Policy

SI Global Pvt Ltd. is committed to safeguarding your privacy. In this regard, this Privacy Policy has been formulated to educate you about our practices concerning User Data (as defined below) that we collect from users employing our web services. By using our web services, you make use of our website and its subdomains. This Privacy policy is considered part of the company’s Terms and Conditions (as seen on



By browsing through our website and submitting your User Data, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy as laid down subsequently. Your User Data will be treated as per our Privacy Policy.



We don’t voluntarily gather User Data about visitors that are ages 13 and below.



You agree that your User Data will be processed in the country where it was collected and that it will be subject to local laws, rules and regulations.



We collect User Data and Anonymous Statistics from you whenever you use our Web Services or whenever you send us information. ‘User Data’ is defined as the data that allows someone to contact and/or identify you e.g. Name, Address, Contact number, email as well as any information that is linked with the data you provide us. ‘Anonymous Statistics’ refer to the data that’s not associated with your User Data in any way. Anonymous Data does not identify the individuals. For more information on how we collect these types of data, refer to below:


5. User Data is provided to us by You

We collect User data from you based on the registration info you provide us (Name, Address, email, username and/or password), professional title, company name, mailing address(es) when you are registering at our website. We may also collect information based on how you use our web services (e.g. page visits and website tools usage). If you contact us on email for inquiry / feedback purposes, we will collect your Name and email address as well as the content you send us, in order to generate a reply. By participating in our surveys, we collect additional profile information. Any comments or messages you make on our website’s blog / message board will be stored on our servers and available to the public viewing. We will also collect other User Data based on the information you provide us in consent and by technological factors in play.


6. User Data Collected by Technological Factors

We strive to make our website, products and services more useful to visitors. In this respect, we will be collecting information based on your web browser, OS, IP address, domain name, time stamp and date stamp based on your website visits. We will also collect information via Cookies, URLs visited to determine the date and time of your visit. Cookies are small files that contain information about a website. We use both session cookies (that are removed once your web browser is closed) as well as persistent cookies (they stay on your PC until you delete them). Cookies help us deliver a more personalized and improved website experience to you. Disabling cookies is not recommended since some areas of our website rely on them for optimal operation.



Any software applications or suite made available for download on the Website is the copyright of SI Global and/or its licensors. By using these software, you the User, agree to and abide by the terms of the end user license agreement that accompanies them. By downloading, installing, and/or using any such software, you consent to the terms of the end user license agreement contained within.


8.    User Data from Third Parties

Co-Branded or Privately-labeled company websites that provide our products and services may collect your User and/or Anonymous Data about you. This data may be received by us and will be added to the data that is already available to us. This helps us improve our products and services.


9. How We Use your User Data For General Use

We use the User Data to respond to your online requests, provide you great website services and overall help us serve you better. We employ User Data to create and secure your website Registration Credentials on our servers. We also use it to uniquely identify you on our website as well as send you notifications and emails. We improve the quality of experience for website users. We may also use the information for marketing purposes as well as protect you from fraud. We also use it to collect feedback from you.


10. Anonymous Data Creation

We make your data Anonymous by excluding all traces of personal information (e.g. Name). This data is used to analyze usage patterns and user requests on our website. We reserve the right to use and disclose this data with Third Parties at our own discretion.


11. Disclosure of User Data

SI Global does not believe in renting or selling your User Data to other entities. We don’t share your data except in the cases outlined below:

12. Affliates

We reserve the right to share User Data with affiliates, such as our Parent company EMS. Any future joint ventures, subsidiaries or companies under our common control will be deemed as Affiliates. All of our affiliates will honor this Privacy Policy as contained herewith.

13. Third Parties

We may give out User Data to Third parties that will be conducting quality assurance testing from time to time. These Third Parties will also be providing you superior help desk and tech support services.



The company may deem it necessary to disclose User Data in good faith if (a) there are legal requirements like laws, subpoenas or warrants that need to be complied with or (b) to protect our rights/ property as well our users.



Our website may contain links to other websites and locations that are only there for your convenience. By providing these links, you agree that we are not held liable for any damages once you leave our website. We have no control over them and hence we cannot be held responsible for these other websites and their content. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy only applies to our website and affiliates only.



If you wish to delete or change your User Data, you can do so by sending us an email at the following address ( Please bear in mind we may not be able to perform edits to your User Data if stored with our Third Party Service Providers and/or we may also be required by law to keep this information with us.


17.User Data Security

We use industry standard encryption technologies and tools to help protect your data from unauthorized use. You will be required to enter a password to access all non-public information associated with your Registration data. We recommend not disclosing your Registration credentials to unauthorized persons. With such measures in place, the company has undertaken all precautions to protect misuse of your identity. However, it is our understanding that the company will not be held liable in case of data breach despite all the necessary counter-measures in place.


18.To know more about our Privacy Policy

please reach us at


19.Changes to Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to revisions in accordance with our terms of service. If theres a pending change that governs the use of User Data, it will be our responsibility to keep you informed of the changes via email. If you do not wish to ascribe to the updated Privacy Policy, then you may deactivate your account beforehand by sending us an email. If you choose to continue using our website, then the company will deem that you acknowledge the changes and are bound by the terms and conditions laid therein. This Privacy Policy was last updated on 15th July 2016.