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The safe cities concept combines terms such as digital, intelligent, smart and sustainable into initiatives that deploy technologies to enhance security and information flow. Cities continue to drive the economic prosperity of countries, which is making urban security an increasingly important issue and focus for governments. A growing number of ever-more complex threats have forced governments’ public safety agencies to respond. Ensuring the safety of citizens, continuity of city services, and minimization of business disruption will continue to be the first priority of the government to serve its people in an advanced manner.

Buy metformin online nz - Metformin pcos 1000mg

The Safe City Operation Center provides a hub for the analysis and dissemination of information collected from various sources including government agencies, private organizations and individual citizens as well as specialized equipment such as sensors and cameras. The results are faster, more effective responses to service outages, streamlined law enforcement operations and real-time management of crisis situations

Safe City Drivers

SI Global aims to provide an illustrative framework for the evaluation of some factors that steer the need for adoption of a safe city project and offer a detailed logic model for implementing the activities that will lead to the intended outcomes of reduced crime and faster response. Drivers for Safe City Projects are:


1) Crime Rate
2) Urbanization
3) Disaster and Terrrorism Threats
4) Socio-economic Importance

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