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Automate with E-Governance

GOVERNMENT PUBLIC SECTORSI Global realizes how vitally important the public sector is to the government of Pakistan and thus its driving mission is to enable public sector entities to provide better and improved citizen services. There are many solutions on which we have the expertise to deliver the most competitive and best quality solutions especially on projects like taxation and revenue management, Data Center Turnkey solution implementation, Land record management information system, police up-gradation and IT solutions, E-Justice and there are numerous other law enforcement agencies for which end-to-end solutions are available.


We believe that technology can effectively transform and comply with the concept Smart Government and government officials can provide valuable citizen services that could benefit countless lives. SI GLOBAL’s Solutions provides solutions around analytics, collaboration and information technology automation combined to transform the way of government work.


Governments around the world are embarking on ambitious e-government programs, and the benefits of these are well known, enabling stakeholders to exchange information and the public to access services electronically such as tax, land management, business registration, e-health, e-procurement and electronic payment. Bringing these programs and stakeholders together is a complex challenge that requires experience, local knowledge, and technological expertise. We enable such organizations to provide conventional services via the cloud, Intranet & Internet. A well designed and executed service transformation program can result in reduced costs and increased citizen satisfaction.


The service transformation will not just lead to an e-Government, but an efficient smart government. We with our specialist partners provide an end to end e-Government solutions from strategy to final implementation.


Let our team of professionals create web-enabled systems that can integrate applications at all levels of the government. We can help you with:


  • Improve inter-agency communications
  • Increase public access to services through web-based applications
  • Trim internal operating costs
  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce redundancies with streamlined systems
  • Facilitate information exchange between agencies, publics and partners
  • Maintain high levels of security for sensitive data transfers
  • Implement e-government measures to consolidate agency wide processes
  • Build contingency plans for emergency preparedness
  • Augment staffing with a wide array of skill sets and expertise from our professional services team
  • Improve the response rate to the public with contact center solutions
  • Control communications costs with enhanced services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Plan for urban growth using modeling and simulation technologies
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