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An ever increasing competitive world combined with depleting resources makes energy the most precious commodity for consumers as well as organizations. While energy spends feature among the top three for many consumer-centric industries such as quick service restaurants, studies indicate that utilities management is among their top outsourced activities. More than 10% of energy procurement spends are towards energy management services across a wide spectrum of industries. Organizations are, therefore, looking for value beyond just cost savings and seeking partners who focus on outcome-based engagements.


We have built analytical models and correlation logics to deliver energy efficient solutions The key features of our Energy Management Services built around our Technology Platform are:


  • Based on dynamic detection of energy leakages/wastes and intervention (locally and remotely) in real time
  • Smart analytics giving inputs at various levels, namely service consumption area level, building level, local area level, country level and global level
  • Ability to incorporate inputs from sources that impact energy consumption such as business load, occupancy data, weather feeds, policy and schedule
      arrangements etc
  • Single dashboard management reporting

We have created a strong local ecosystem of partners in the North America & Europe have deployed our Energy Management Services model to a number of clients around the world, offering them substantial energy savings and cost reduction during the course of the engagement

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