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Industry Solutions

SI GLOBAL SOLUTIONS has the expertise to cater all IT industry solutions like Governmental, Corporate, Defense, Telecom, Financial, Education and Private sectors since we have top of the line professionals who have served in different industries globally.

SI Global Solutions serves in dynamic service industry of Pakistan as one of the largest ICT infrastructure provider. We provide top of the line broad array of high end solutions, from Analytics & BI to Cloud Infrastructure, Intelligent Networking, Security Solutions and Building Management System. In this new ear of Telecommunication and State-of-the Art Technology, SI Global is your leading partner for the future.


The is the most critical area where today’s government and security agencies face enormous challenges in order to prevent and secure all parameters in all different dimensions. SI Global has complete range of solutions that allows the vigilant utilization of resources, enabling corrective and prevention action and have a team group with decades of experience in relevant industry which add value to this critical field.


A spectrum of broader portfolio of products and services is becoming essential for Telecommunication Companies in order to operate at optimal level and adopt simplified approach for agile delivery in this era of intense competition.


As a recognized nationwide leader in IT consulting, we provide hospitals or physician group with the strategic health care solution guidance and best practices required to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. With expertise in technology and healthcare, we partner with you to deliver exceptional business and clinical results.


SI Global realizes how vitally important the public sector is to the government of Pakistan and thus its driving mission is to enable public sector entities to provide better and improved citizen services.


We have proven expertise in enabling Education Solutions with technology. Our experts help plan and assess education sector and on individual basis school’s technology direction and posture, maintain and improve infrastructure, enhance security and help reduce costs of all elements for sustainable IT services and solutions that are designed to allow schools to focus on instructional goals and outcomes.


In a highly regulated and competitive market, banks need every advantage to exceed customer expectations and differentiate. It is no longer enough to offer simple and automated Banking services. In order to build loyalty and drive profitability, banks will need to offer a non-stop interactive Banking environment.


We also have strong partnerships with some of the leading players in the field of integrated transport solutions and warehouse management solution.