Cloud Services

With SI GLOBAL SOLUTIONS cloud services, you empower your business leaders and employees to do business better.

cloudEvery business conversation today revolves around SMAC – Social, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics The cloud is empowering enterprises to transform their businesses – by accelerating digital innovation, enabling agile business platforms and shortening time-to-market Cloud is the corner stone of a future-ready enterprise


Our Cloud Solutions help you:

  • Optimize, scale, manage and outsource your IT resources
  • Enable your employees to work with an anywhere, anytime, any device experience
  • Control your costs and lower up-front investments
  • Transform to an agile business and a dynamic growth engine


SI Global Solutions in-depth industry and technology expertise can deliver true multi-directional dynamism, thereby enabling your enterprise to experience a seamless cloud journey


Cloud Computing Service & Virtualization Services

  • Dedicated Hosting Services
  • Dedicated Virtual Machines
  • IPT/Contact Center
  • Data/Voice/Video Services


Cloud computing can help bridge the gap between what your business needs and what you can provide, but transitioning presents its own set of logistical challenges. Let our Cloud Services experts guide you through the process of implementing and adopting cloud solutions with our industry-leading framework.


Our experts can guide you through the barriers to adopting and expanding your cloud environment, accelerating your journey from physical to virtual cloud. Regardless of the size of your business, our global team of experts will work with you to prescribe the best course of action within your budget and on your schedule.


Our Cloud Solution is a transparent, enterprise-grade public cloud based on latest technology. We can offer on-demand cloud services for computing and storage infrastructure as well as platform services.


Now you never need to worry about patching, faulty hardware, or network issues again. Cloud Services is designed to deploy your application and keep it continuously available during crashes and failures, redirecting traffic from troubled instances to ones running smoothly. Automatic OS updates mean your application is always secure, without maintenance windows or downtime.


Cloud Services provides a staging environment for testing new releases without impacting the existing one, reducing the chances of unwelcome customer downtime. When you’re ready to deploy the new release to production, just swap the staging environment into production.


We have proven expertise in enabling Education Sector with technology. Our experts help plan and assess education sector and on individual basis school’s technology direction and posture, maintain and improve infrastructure, enhance security and help reduce costs of all elements for sustainable IT services and solutions that are designed to allow schools to focus on instructional goals and outcomes.


Key Areas


  • School Automation
  • Online Library
  • Online Lectures Delivery
  • Online Exams
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud Services
  • Conferencing