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buy Lisinopril without prescriptionbelieves the Systems of Engagement landscape has a tendency to evolve quickly and pose myriad demands on the Systems of Records, thus making it important for modern day enterprises


As organizations are evolving into Digital Business, their application estate is set to take a giant leap. The 20th century was about building robust capabilities that allowed us to capture information from every commercial process like financial transactions, order processing, supply chain, human resources or anything that can help management with tangible insights. These were popularly termed as “systems of records.”


In the 21st century, we started increasingly looking for information that resided outside the perimeter of our organization with our partners, customers, resellers and subsidiaries in other countries. Our systems became more interactive, collaborative and easy to use and delivered personalized content.


Cheap lasik surgery singapore, Buy Seroquel free consultation

  • A Platform for strong Systems of Records that is standardized automated and highly secure with added capabilities to help decision making
  • Enablers or ‘Systems of Integration’ to integrate Systems of Records to Systems of Engagement to ensure seamlessness and elasticity of the flow of information

SI Global Solutions Business Applications Services is enabling the Digital transformation of firms by:

  • Enhancing customer experience with Digital solutions
  • Business agility through process velocity and integrated ecosystems
  • Standardize operations with “Resilient-By- Design” Business Processes

SI Global Solutions Next Generation Applications Strategy is centered around five key influencers: User Gravity, Business Velocity, Borderless World, Enterprise Intelligence and Resilient Design


In a nutshell “Systems of Records” opened the doors for “Systems of Engagement” – giving users integrated, contextual, multi-channel access to transactions, content, collaboration, communications and driving actionable insights to deliver higher business performance. applications.

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